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Deep Motivators of Consumers

Marketing an Innovation by Tapping into Unarticulated Needs


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A study by Soren Kaplan funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

It reveals the intellectual and emotional drivers that get people to open their pocket books
 – basically, what people buy and why.


Needs-based marketing is a no-brainer. Real innovators delve into consumers’ “Deep Motivators” to create the most meaningful experiences,
products, services, and business models.

Most people aren’t even aware of why they’re buying what they’re buying.

We identified eight roles that consumers play as they interact with companies, products, and services. Here are the eight consumer profiles and the motivators that make them tick:

  1. Value Chasers – Look for the greatest value, usually with cost in mind

  2. Impulse Followers – Follow the most convenient path, including buying and engaging when it’s fast and easy

  3. Simplicity Seekers – Seek solutions that reduce complexity and make things easier

  4. Brand Lovers – Gravitate to specific brands and aspire to the images and values they represent  >>>

  5. Fear Fixers – Do what it takes to minimize risk, reduce the potential for problems, and address fears about the future

  6. Experiential Engagers – Enjoy participating in unique experiences and place value in intangible services over tangible products

  7. Meaning Makers – Tries to find meaning in most everything they do, including the causes, companies, and products they support

  8. Expressive Creatives – look for ways to express themselves to release creativity and gain a personal sense of creative accomplishment

Just like we all have unique DNA, so do we possess unique life experiences that impact what we think, feel, and do. The conscious and unconscious motivations that lead us to choose to do business with one company over another are influenced by our backgrounds, social context, and culture. >>>

We also may take on one role one day, and a different one the next. It’s not uncommon to move between 3-4 different roles depending on the day, week, or year and what’s going on in our personal lives and economy.

The question for marketers and innovators is this: which deep motivators do you, or can you, appeal to?


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