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Discover and Invent while you're  Sleeping

Let you subconscious mind to the job 


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Ideate, create, invent, discover and solve problems while you're sleeping!
Why should you force your brain to work if, researchers say,
your subconscious mind works 200 million times faster?


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Your subconscious creativity is limitless!

Give your subconscious mind “what” and “why”, and it will come back with “how” after a while, usually when you wake up from a sleep.

When we’re burned with a desire to solve a complex problem, while we sleep, our subconscious minds continue to work on the problem our conscious minds have failed to solve >>>


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Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.

Thomas Edison

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One should never impose one's views on a problem; one should rather study it, and in time a solution will reveal itself.

Albert Einstein


Famous Examples

René Descartes wrote that the basis of the Scientific Method came to him in dreams he had on November 10, 1619.

Dmitri Mendeleev who created The Periodic Table of chemical elements wrote: “In a dream I saw a table where all the elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper.”

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'Garden' phase


When Innovation Brainball is used to strengthen a real venture and increase its chances for success, it's far more beneficial to play the game twice, on Day 1 and Day 2.

While team members relax after the Day 1, their subconscious mind  doesn't. It keeps ideating on autopilot, especially while people are sleeping. As a result, most people come next day with advanced ideas, and the second Innoball game gives further boost to the project.  >>>



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