Great Innovator

Creative Achiever

Awaken Your Inner Genius  >>  10 Tips

Discover Your True Passion

Do What You Love To Do

BE MAD    Break Rules

Discovering and Inventing: SARS Synergy

Serendipity  >>  10 Tips


Life-Business Synergy

The Power of Balance

Uncreative Person: Top 10 Lack-Ofs

Caterpillar's Syndrome


Two Creativity Catalysts

How To Get Inspired

Innovative Thinking

Challenging Assumptions

Asking Searching Questions

Discover and Invent While You're Sleeping

Make Creativity a Habit

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Be Difference and Make a Difference!

Cross-functional Expertise

Achievement-focused Self-Coaching

Inventive Thinking  >>  Questions    Break Rules

Entrepreneurial Action

Creative Problem Solving


Turning Problems Into Opportunities


12 Reasons Why Startup Companies Fail

DOs and DON'Ts of a Successful Innovator

Building a Growing Company: 10 Commandments

Innovation Is Love

10 Commandments of Innovation

5 Critical Success Factors for New Ventures

Venture Planning

Team Assessment

Venture Management

Venture Financing

Innovation Leader

Team Leader

People Skills

Creating Great Value for Others

Inspiring People

Influencing People

Great Negotiator

Selling Is Problem Solving

Innovation Strategies


Why Innovation

Innovation as an Engine of Economic Growth

Forms of Innovation

PDR types of Innovation

Incremental vs. Radical Innovation

Proactive and Reactive Innovation

Synergy Innovation

Digitalisation and Innovation

Top 6 Barriers To Innovation Success

Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas

Innovation Portfolio

Continuous Innovation

Apple's Innovation Strategies

Google's 9 Notions of Innovation

Procter & Gamble

Fidelity Investments

Value Innovation  >>  10 Tips

Customer-driven Innovation

Learning from Customer Feedback

Venture Strategies

Radical Innovation

Who Can Implement a Radical Innovation Project

7 Challenges  ●  7 Keys

Jokes  >>  Problems  >>  CPS


Venture Investing

Venture Acquisitions

Venture Acquisitions by Apple

Venture Acquisitions by Google

Strategies of Market Leaders

Business Innusual

Competitive Innovation

Surprise To Win

Winning Customers  >>  Create Customers

Competitive Differentiation

Strategic Intent

Blue Ocean Strategies

Opportunity-driven Business Development

New-To-the-World Product Development

Procter & Gamble: Align Food Supplement

Fast Company

Strategies Partnerships

Strategy Innovation

The Need for Strategy Innovation

Dynamic Strategies

Rapid Experimentation

Competitor and Market Intelligence

Product Innovation

Prototyping Why, What and How

Technology Innovation

Options for Technology Commercialization

Innovation Portfolio

Virtuoso Marketing

Innovative Marketing Strategies

Deep Motivators of Consumers

Creative Marketing

Differentiation Strategies

Buzz Marketing

Innovation Management

Innovation Genius

Managing Innovation vs. Managing Operations

Managing Uncertainties  >>  Simulation Games

Fuzzy Front End  >>  Fuzzy Logic

Taking Risk

Freedom To Fail

Innovation System

Policies for Larger Corporations

How To Prevent Innovation: 10 Humorous Tips

Business Model

New Business Models

An Innovative Business Model

New Roles of the IT Leader

Innovation-friendly Organization

Inspiring Culture

Culture of Innovation  >>  10 Tips

Creative Dissatisfaction

Improvement Areas

Citizens Financial Group: Hiring Outsiders

Enjoyable Work Environment

Innovation Structures

Attributes of the Super Smart

Synergize Diversities

Creative Chaos Environment

Cross-pollination of Ideas

Switching Responsibilities

Rewards Systems

The Fun Factor

Capturing and Shaping Ideas

Advanced Ideation Techniques

Keeping Eyes Open for Inspiration

Hackathon  >>  Hackathon at JotSpot

Team Creativity  >>  10 Tips

Innovation Leaders

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Are Breakthroughs a Matter of Luck?

Inspirational Leadership

Creative Leadership

Loose-Tight Leadership

Innovation Team

Team Vision Statement

Inspire Your Team

Team Creativity

Cross-functional Innovation Teams

Hot Team

IDEO's Hot Studio System

Innovation Process

New Product Design

Apple's Design Process

Jazz Up Your Ability To Innovate

Innovation Process as a Football Game



Fast To Market

Beta-Testing a New Product

Learn Outside-In

Learning SWOT Questions

Innovation Metrics

New Product Metrics

Best Practices





Innovation PowerPoint slides for teachers trainers speakers

Smart & Fast

Innovation Success 360


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