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Competitive Innovation

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Vadim Kotelnikov on innovation

Average one competes with others.

Great one competes with himself.





❶  Be Different      Case Studies

Thrive on innovation and change. Differentiate your products in a creative and flexible working regime.  >>>

❷  Stand Out from the Competition

Innovate proactively. Aim at changing the competitive arena, develop “blue ocean” strategies aimed at creating your own market niche and building layers of competitive advantage>>>

❸  Revolutionize 

Break rules. Don’t accept the conventional definition of how business is done. Change business concepts to stand out from the pack>>>

❹  Know Your Competitors

Do competitor analysis to learn from them, to forecast what products competitors will come out with and when, to identify and attack undefended segments, and ultimately to gain an edge over your competitors.

❺  Win First, then Go To War

Prepare to win. Play simulation games, like Innovation Football, to learn to anticipate competitor attacks, solve problems creatively and develop stronger innovation and competitive strategies>>>

❻  Create Breakthroughs

Focus on radical value innovation. Develop the ability to surpriseamaze your customers, shock your competitors and excite your employees.  >>>

❼  Learn from Others

Use the expertise of market researchers, scientists, inventors and product developers to create new products>>>

❽  Create an Enabling Ecosystem

Create a culture for innovation, an innovation system, and the right environment which provide both support and encouragement for innovators.

❾  Synergize Capabilities

Use the capabilities of everyone within your organization to generate the processes that help the new product to reach the market quickly and efficiently.  >>>

❿  Build Partnerships

Build alliances to overcome disadvantages and access missing competences.