In XX century, innovation was seen as the means to turn research results into commercially successful products or services. Today, technological innovation alone is not enough. Facing a tidal wave of global economic, technological and social change, you are not going to survive in the new rapidly globalizing economy through technological innovation alone. If you are going to withstand relentless global competition, you need to radically change the way of doing business.

While research keeps playing its critical role as a major contributor to innovation, many new forms of innovation have emerged. They include intuitive innovations, system's approach to integration and synergizing of new ideas, technologies and processes from other fields, new business models and ways of doing business, and new ways of reaching and servicing customers.

Innovation can have different:

drivers: passion, vision, strategic intent, challenge, catalysts, competition, simulation games

focus value, strategy, technology, processes, organization, marketing, partnerships and other external relationships, synergy

scope: micro-, midi, macro- or mega-innovation

types: proactive or reactive; incremental or radical; hard or soft; platform, derivative or radical (PDR >>>

sources: technology transfer or development of new business models  /concepts.

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