Radical Innovation

Radical Project Management

7 Managerial Challenges and
Competencies Required to Address the Challenges


Innovation Success 360


Adapted from Radical Innovation, Harvard Business School




Managerial Challenges  >>>

Competencies Required  >>>


Generating radical ideas and capturing them in the fuzzy front end  >>>

Generation of good ideas  >>>

Recognition of opportunities enabled by breakthroughs  >>>

Development and implementation of an effective approach to initial evaluation

Practicing loose-tight leadership to manage radical idea generation and selection


Engaging individual initiative and energy; managing expectations

Ability to effectively define the roles of senior management, key individuals, and project team

Engaging and inspiring everyone

Building of appropriate rewards for the soul and for the wallet and career paths

Promotion of informal networks and cross-pollination of ideas.


Managing radical innovation projects  >>>

Articulation of an inspiring vision

Uncertainty-mapping capability

Development of and ability to follow a learning plan

Recruitment of champions

Effective management of organizational interfaces

Willingness and ability to switch from traditional rigid project management approach to flexible experimental one.


Learning about markets for radical innovation

Willingness to conduct marketing research in new ways through early prototyping, experimentation and adaptation

Commitment to asking different market research questions about the value created by the radical innovation to prospective customers

Creating a market niche for a radically new product  >>>


Resolving uncertainty in the business model

Understanding of what core activities the firm should do itself and what non-core activities it should outsource

Understanding of what new competencies the firm should develop  >>>

Adaptation of the business model in response to continuous learning.


Bridging resource and competency gaps

Resource acquisition  >>>

Establishment and management of internal and external partnerships


Accelerating the transition from radical innovation projects to operating status

Accurate assessment of the transition readiness of the project and the receiving unit

Development of people, practices, and structures for successful transitions

Ability to build bridges between organizational units




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