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How To Prevent Innovation

Humorous Tips


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Unclear Direction
It is difficult to motivate people when they cannot see which direction the company leaders are going in.

Success is often more dangerous than failure because it can lead to complacency. Complacency is a very dangerous foe of innovation. It is a key reason why innovative ideas are rejected outright. Previous victories make people think: 'We are doing well right now so why do we need to change

Fearful Environment
Fear to make a mistake and be blamed or punished is the biggest impediment to innovation within a losing organization. There is no open communication that is critical to ending organizational fear. Front-line employees are afraid to report problems, so there is no healthy feedback loop that allows an organization to be continuously improving and innovating.  >>>

Lack of Trust
Managers who donít invest trust in their employees will never feel the reciprocity. If employees have no trust that they can experiment and fail, they cannot fully engage in creative spaces.

If people are too busy working on their day job they donít have time for innovation and donít want to be distracted. They focus on short-term objectives and donít think about long-term ones. There is no space in their schedule for thinking outside the box, brainstorms, exploration or experimentation.

Experimentation and Process
We need to experiment to come out with a process. If you donít allow experimentation with new ideas, youíll stifle creativity and kill innovation because great ideas wonít flourish if they donít have space to grow >>>