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You corporate success depends on the ability of your creative people to work together in a team setting.  >>>

Creating a hot team environment for creative people is an important task of a corporate leader. Hot teams exceed expectations and produce outstanding results time and time again. Hot teams are inspired by a shared vision and purpose and infused with great passion for teamwork. Their passionate, motivated and energized members are enthused with a burning desire to create great things together. Trust, empathy and synergistic ideation and collaboration rein.  >>>

Case Studies IDEO

“Stay human,” say IDEO’s innovation practice rules, “scale your organizational environment so that there's room for hot teams to emerge and thrive.” At IDEO, a world's leading new product design firm, building of hot teams starts from the hiring process. "The typical job candidate will be interviewed by more than a dozen of IDEOers before the thumbs-up," writes Tom Kelley.

"The process takes time but it's worth it in the end. You don't get hired at IDEO unless you wow a bunch of us. Those that make it receive a tremendous boost, knowing that a lot of other accomplished people think they're talented and capable. We believe in giving individuals an opportunity to perform. Everyone starts out roughly equal and then is given lots of chances to mess up – and to shine. Newcomers that flourish in our environment are often offered a key role in a new project, or even an opportunity to manage a project. Age and experience aren't factors. You actually get to pick two or three people who will review your work, and IDEOers invariably pick team members. An since we live for projects, there's an opportunity to spread the work around.”  >>>

How To Prevent Innovation: 10 Humorous Tips



Steve Jobs on innovation

Why join the navy
if you can be a pirate? >>>

Steve Jobs


Bill Gates on innovation

You've got to give great tools to small teams. Pick good people,
use small teams, give them excellent that they are very productive in terms of what they are doing.  >>>

Bill Gates




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