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New-generation two-dimensional social network

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Fun4Biz Cause

To develop an enjoyable entrepreneurial environment inspiring innovation, creative exchanges, and fun-driven competition and helping creative achievers grow and shine




Value-added Two-dimensional Social Network

Traditional social networks are just horizontal. They help people socialize but donít help them grow. Fun4Biz is different. Itís two-dimensional. It both connects people, and helps them grow as creative achievers...

10 Entrepreneurial Creativity Contests help Fun4Bizers stretch their creative muscles, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and grow as innovation leaders. The contests are

  1. Creative Problem Solving

  2. New Product Ideas

  3. New Service Ideas

  4. Finding Opportunities in a Problem

  5. Why? What If?

  6. Advertising Slogans

  7. Joke Gifts

  8. Humorous News

  9. Humorous Advices

  10.  Improvement Suggestions.

Both serious and humorous ideas are welcome.

An Easy Way To Inspire Creativity

"Join a creative website, blog, newsletter, or group online. This will keep you connected to whatís going on in the creative world, and help you by providing you with information on new ideas and ways to create. Itís always great to be active among others that share your same passion. You can also enter an online creative contest, competitions will surely get those creative juices flowing."

~ Tips by Alex, Self-driven Entrepreneur, Web-Consultant, and High-End Designer

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Powered by Inspirational Business e-Coach

Relevant chapters of inspirational Ten3 Business e-Coach help Fun4Bizers come up with better and more creative ideas.


Laureates of the contests and absolute champions (Creative Entrepreneur; Creative Problem Solver; Inventor; Improvement Champion; Joker) are identified automatically every month.

The personal record of each Fun4Bizer contains ranks and rating the member has in all these categories.

Earning Opportunities for Fun4Bizers

Among other benefits, Fun4Biz offers its members earning opportunities. Fun4Bizers can not only enjoy entrepreneurial creativity contests, but their creativity can also earn them a lot of money.

Fun4Biz Online Shop, for instance, sells joke gifts, ideas for small business and other top-rated creative products invented by Fun4Bizers. Fun4Biz takes also orders from external customers for creative solving of their problems, development of ideas for business or advertising slogans.

Customers benefit tremendously from this value-added service. While traditional crowd sourcing produces a lot of sand with some gold in it, Fun4Biz ideation process produces pure gold for their clients. Why? Because the ideas are generated by the creativity champions, multiple winners of relevant Fun4Biz contests.

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