Helps you create:

  breakthrough innovations   → radical change   → new market niches


Innovation Football - the best innovation training, simulation game, Vadim Kotelnikov, how to create breakthrough innovations

The Best Innovation Training - INNOBALL, Vadim Kotelnikov


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Boost Your Capabilities for Innovation    Commercialize a Breakthrough Invention    Create Radical Change    Build a High-Growth Startup

Innoball outsmart enemies of innovation and change

 Innoball helps you
build your
competitive advantage and corporate capabilities
for creating

radical innovation
transformational change
and new market niches.

Innoball is also to help you implement
a specific radical innovation / change project successfully.

While most radical innovation/change projects fail,
Innoball will help you not just succeed,
but exceed your initially planned results.

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2 Simulation Games

Why and How To Play an INNOBALL Game

7 Routes to High Profits    7 Areas of Innovation

Radical Project Management  >>  Improvisation-driven Model

Entrepreneurial Mindset  ●  Inventive Thinking

Strategic Creativity    Strategy Innovation

How To Discover Opportunities

Creativity in Groups    Intellectual Teamwork

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT)

Know and Think for the Enemies of Change and Innovation

Creative Problem Solving

How To Turn Problems and Failures to Opportunities

Techniques for Quick Evaluation of Ideas  >>  Weighted Criteria

Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN)

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Innoball Learning Benefits


In case the main objective of a training is
to help a specific innovation project to succeed,
the second game uses the same invention as a starting point,
but the game is played at the next level.
In case the main objective of a training is
to enhance capabilities
of an innovation team to turn inventions into a great business
the second game uses a different invention as a starting point.


Yes, your internal innovation team is an enormous source of creativity, ideas and innovation,
but it has its limits.

External input is needed too.
This is especially true if you need to learn a new
ideation technique or to gain insight from other innovative businesses.

External trainers help stimulate the creative and change process.
They also have the advantage of being able to look at your business or innovation project from an outsider's point of view.

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Innovation Football is an easy-to-learn simulation game.
Having ordered a training, you'll be able to do it all by yourself afterwards whenever you want to implement a radical innovation or change project.

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